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Welcome to Sacred Knowledge Circle with Jeanette O'Donnal (See Bio below)

I created Sacred Knowledge Circle as a venue to offer tips and opportunities on how to create a more fulfilled life with increased sensuality! What do I mean by sensuality: the use of your senses, such as looking at colorful things, inspiring scenes, and even delectable foods, feeling a warm bath, a hug from a dear one, your efforts of intentional relationships, smelling a rose, tasting a healthy meal, and much more. All of these sensual mechanisms play an  important part in joyous lifestyles and smart living.

Through my books (see below), my blog, freelance articles, and events, I share with you ancient wisdom, all loaded with inspiration for a more balanced lifestyle. Pick up simple techniques for love, relationships, success and prosperity. Create what you often dream about. My bits of information restore your vigor and revive your feeling of joy!

My book: The Making of a Master (see below) is a self-help book about self-esteem. My second book, The Feathered Serpent Speaks (see below), is an example of how personal transformation refines your life. I discovered the value of wisdom by personally implementing concepts, by applying certain principles into my daily life. In this book I share this story with you.

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Sending balanced energy your way, ~ Jeanette


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Jeanette's Books

Jeanette’s effective "attitude realignment" with one’s own personal power, and her intimate conversations with others, have influenced folks around the globe.

                                                                          In 2003 Jeanette published her first book:  The Making of a Master: Tracking Your Self Worth, a self-help, psychological and spiritual book on self-esteem , filled with anecdotes and personal stories which asks the pointed question: "Is your heart as light as a feather?" 

The Making of a Master is a tutorial with questions and exercises at the end of each chapter to help you keep track of your progress as you start changing into a more inspired person. Happiness and prosperity will infuse your life! Chapters include: The Magic  in Your Thinking, Making Decisions, Humor: A Tool to Self-Fulfillment, The Illusion of Dependency. For more information:

To purchase:

                                                                                       In 2012 she published her second book: 

The Feathered Serpent Speaks: A Message of Love, Transformation & Happiness...  a memoir of her alchemical journey and her childhood among the Maya Indians in Guatemala. This book delivers a message of LOVE, which as a child in the depths of a tropical forest she was instructed by extra-dimensional beings to deliver. Chapters include: Synchronicity, Sovereignty: Portal to Happiness, The Veil of Establishment, Seven Distractions of Life, Seven Tools of Discipline, Seven Gifts, Wisdom of the Ancients, Looking Within, Symbolism, Alchemy, My Secret, and Unnecessary Suffering. The question O’Donnal poses in this book is: “As humans, do we not have the power to expand our consciousness of love and become who we truly are, and if that is so, what are we waiting for?”

Available in print as well as e-book:

Both of Jeanette's books contain information which will enrich your life and enhance your lifestyle.


Jeanette's Bio

As an expert "leader" in Personal Excellence and Spiritual Education, Jeanette O’Donnal has seen and heard "leadership" defined numerous ways over the years.

Is it mentor charisma and effective presentation delivery? Could it be the use of impressive metaphors and inspirational examples of life experiences? Is it well-defined perception? Is it about timing? Is "leadership" more about knowing that certain participants/students come innately ready to learn? Or, is there a different story?

Jeanette's views about "leadership" and "education" are radically different than most. Her definition of these words encompass wider horizons. With over five decades of public speaking, mentoring, life coaching, public service experience, in the grass-roots community involvement, and most importantly, real-life self-application of principles, Jeanette knows that education is a dynamic everyday unique experience for each individual. This is why she tailors her education methods to fit personal needs.

O'Donnal knows it is about self-awareness and enthusiasm for life. She is naturally curious, helpful, and creative. Others perceive her as captivating, energetic, outgoing, daring and fearless in her approach to life, and spontaneously interactive with any new environment.

Jeanette is a legitimate Mayan Visionary and a Self-esteem Guru. She understands clearly the mind/body connection and the entanglement between healthy sensuality, quality of life, and high self-esteem. She uses proven techniques that elicit, induce, and promote psycho-synthesis, a subtle blend of psychology of self-actualization and a philosophy in the art of blissful living.

Jeanette intentionally brings to the forefront of her interactions an abundance of wisdom by fusing symbiotic audience engagement and discussion of inspiring real-life stories. Her bold yet charismatic outlook on life leaves others with a desire to change what they once thought might not be possible.

Her dynamic and pressure-free message helps you feel like you have in some way attained emotional intelligence. Mental clarity helps accelerate job performance and increase vitality in health. Relaxation and motivation increases and attitudes are enhanced.

Jeanette connects with others on an individual level. Sometimes known as "Psychopractor" for her innate ability to give "attitude adjustments." She makes your heart sings with joy from having discovered your personal beauty through self-reflection. You begin to hear the splendid harmony of nature within you, after coming in contact with Jeanette. You feel an increase in self-awareness and confidence helping you eliminate fears and limiting emotions. You come away with reduced stress and less frustrations feeling like you have removed depression and sadness; you are incredibly clear about addictive behaviors. You come away feeling like a master, creating life deliberately and knowing how easy it is to mold experiences into happiness.

To be "aware" and "alive" today (in the now) is important in life. As Jeanette puts it: "Life is truly a great adventure!"


Her successes include:

In 1991, Jeanette established "Sacred Knowledge Circle", an education and consulting business that helps others establish Personal Excellence as an ongoing part of their life. O’Donnal continues to work with the best and brightest in the field of self-empowerment.

In the past Jeanette served as senior consultant and Certified Master Facilitator for Arizona Motivational Center in Phoenix. In 2002 she founded Mind & Body Works, a Motivational and Healing Center in Payson, Arizona.

As a Cosmetology professional, Jeanette was leader in a pilot program for United Way, inspiring women to get off welfare (WOW) and help resolve self-esteem issues. She was involved with ground-work and inception of Youth at Risk Program in Phoenix. She was also a motivational speaker at career orientation workshops for high school seniors and coached juveniles in court appointed programs. She was a facilitator (with her gentle yet firm conversational coaching and delivery skills) in various city, state, and federal educational agencies. Jeanette also created a nonprofit group for professionals aspiring for excellence.

In Nevada, Jeanette worked for Las Vegas YMCA and created outreach programs for the Hispanic community. She went on to become a special commissioner and consultant to state Governor Miller on Hispanic community issues. As an outreach educator she establishing three health HIV/AIDS education programs for Nevada Hispanic Services in Reno. She became a language instructor at Las Vegas Community College and a youth program facilitator at University Of Nevada, Reno. She served as commissioner in the board of advisors for: Commission on the Status of Women, Sierra Nevada Community Access Television, Reno Housing Authority, and Reno’s Child Abuse Task Force. Jeanette also served as Vice-President under President Mike Moreno of Reno/Sparks Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Reviews & Endorsements

Rebecca J. Reed of Hamilton, MT, “warrior student struggling for serenity” wrote this: “With warmth and a personal history giving her compassion, Jeanette O’Donnal presents a charming guide of self-help tools toward transforming one’s life into a path of personal excellence in The Making of a Master.” Reed continues, “The reader discovers that the true work untaken will be to allow yourself to be open to experiences that will deliver information about who you are and why you are here. Coming to the point of desiring change, The Making of a Master offers a nudge aiming toward a focus on joy, asking the brain’s computer the necessary positive questions for successful answers, and opening the door to self-discovery within by awakening each of us to a forgotten knowledge leading to happiness, fulfillment, and real freedom.”

Carol Adler, CEO/President of Dandelion Books, LLC, has this to say: “Jeanette is an enlightened being; everyone who comes into her presence immediately knows it. It is often said that your beautician or barber is your therapist and they may know more about you than almost anyone else.”

Mike Moreno, Pres. Hispanic Business Council, Reno, NV says: “Jeanette is deeply committed, involved in community issues…encourages young people…an energetic and determined professional helping others to reach their goals.”

Mike Capello, Pres. Child Abuse & Neglect Task Force, Reno, NV writes: “You have been a most valued member and we shall miss you greatly, thank you for all your time and energy.”         

Sherry Cushman, Parent Education, University Of Nevada, Reno, NV writes: “Thank you for your assistance in making the Choices & Challenges for Youth Program a success!”

Joseph Latona, Action Resume & Writing Services, Reno, NV says: “Jeanette focuses on solutions…”      

Betsy Blackledge, of Curves for Women, Mesa, AZ. writes: “For many years she has been sharing her talents and expertise to help women develop positive self esteem and motivation.” 

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Intimate moments are the stage for your performance. Creativity is at its maximum and giving and receiving are open to the true self. Be wise and withhold nothing.



Your time spent with true friends is special. Celebrate! Create a special atmosphere to your liking and your personal style.


When you share a meal with someone, you create a space for sharing conversation. Let your intentional words be real and expressive of your true feelings. Do not rehearse. Live the moment!